' The Company's ojective is

to represent and provide
management facilities for European
nd American manufacturers of
industrial equipment in the
Asia-Pacific Basin on a professional
and unprecedented basis.'



Founded in 1988, ENHOLCO PTE.LTD. offers the oil-and gas and other process industries a wide variety of products and services.

Rotating equipment, process equipment, and heat transfer technology form the backbone and background of our existence.

Over the last 25 years the company has offered a wide range of products and services, supported by some of the very best and most reputable manufacturers in the business. A strong business relationship has safeguarded our existence and growing expertise over the years.

Contact us for your requirements:

Enholco Pte.Ltd.
101 Thomson Road
#26-01A United Square
Singapore 307591
Tel:  +65 6253 4833
Fax: +65 6255 8468

E-mail: info@enholco.com



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